Privacy Policy

  1. Circumstances

Please carefully read the terms and conditions included in this page, as any use of this website constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions of use set out in this document.

By using this site, you agree to be bound by the terms of service, all relevant laws and regulations, and to be solely responsible for adhering to any local legislation. Do not use this site if you do not agree to any of these conditions.

  1. Property

This website is owned by 3Design Centar SPLLC Brvenica. All rights in relation to this website belong to 3Design Center.

  1. Protection of personal data

By making a purchase on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand 3Design Centar SPLLC’s Personal Data Protection Policy.

This policy is solely applicable to the website. All personal information you provide while making a purchase on our website will be used solely for the reason for which it was provided (payment, delivery, complaints, etc.).

Financial information is not stored. The additional information you provide on the website is just for internal purposes (coordination in the manufacture of requested items, customer relations, etc.) and will not be shared with anyone else.

3Design Centar SPLLC does not have access to transactional financial data (account number, credit card, etc.). They are handled through an approved bank to receive the agreed-upon purchase and sell price. In order to secure the client’s data, the authorized bank has established an in-situ on-line payment system. During the transactions, 3Design Center receives only information about a successful payment.

  1. Rules for online sales

All information on this website, including pricing, specs, product availability, and other details, is provided solely for informational purposes.

Despite the editors’ ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the displayed information, errors can occur; as a result, we make no guarantees as to the completeness, accuracy, suitability for a specific use, or availability of the products and/or services offered on the website, or the information related to them. Any reliance on the information displayed is at your own risk.

In no event can 3Design Centar SPLLC be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of the information provided on this website.

3Design Centar SPLLC disclaims any and all liability for any damages incurred as a consequence of visiting this site.

Any product information or other information on the website is derived by 3Design Centar SPLLC’s public data. At the same time, such information should not be construed as 3Design Centar SPLLC’s warranties or responsibilities.

3Design Centar SPLLC reserves the right to make changes to any portion of this page without notice, as well as to stop working on particular portions of the page or the entire page at any moment.

3Design Centar SPLLC has the right to amend the terms of service for its website at any time and without notice.

The price adjustment will not be applied to orders that have already been accepted. This is true both in the event of a subsequent rise or fall in the selling price.

Before making a payment, the customer can cancel, augment, or alter the purchase at any moment.

An suitable confirmation is provided to the buyer’s e-mail address when the order is placed.

Only once payment is received is the order deemed finalized, and the agreed-upon production/delivery timeframe begins to be computed.

The buyer acknowledges that 3Design Center reserves the right to delay the manufacture / delivery of the requested items by up to 2 working days from the final date mentioned on the purchase confirmation.

If the production/delivery date occurs on a Sunday or a holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next working day.

If 3Design Center is more than 2 working days late with production or delivery, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase.

The customer can pick the products also at 3DESIGN CENTER’s designated locations.

If the Buyer selects an additional service – delivery – for the created items, they will be delivered to the delivery address provided when placing the purchase.

The ordered items are delivered inside the Republic of Macedonia’s borders. The shipping fee is calculated based on 3Design Center SPLLC’s established costs.

The buyer is required to check the items upon receipt and to file a complaint about any evident flaws or discrepancies in the amount of the items immediately after handover.

The delivery document includes a section for comments (complaints) (delivery note, etc.).

3DESIGN CENTER will not accept any complaints concerning evident flaws in the items or non-compliant quantities of the same, which the Buyer will point out after the handover.

The lack of products will not be considered the color mismatch (described in the chapter “Color Match” in this document, as well as the unsuitability of the products for a specific purpose, unless the Buyer informed 3DESIGN CENTER SPLLC about the purpose for which he needs the products.

3DESIGN CENTER will accept the buyer’s concerns if they are properly reported and well-founded. In the event that a complaint is approved, 3DESIGN CENTER will correct the problems within the production/delivery deadline.

  1. Color match

The colors you see on your display may not be the same as the real colors of our items. Even though your monitor is calibrated for a certain color profile, the final color look of printed items is influenced by a number of factors. As a result, we cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy.

  1. Valid law

Any legal action or lawsuit relating to 3DESIGN CENTER SPLLC’s website or its usage should be governed by the Republic of North Macedonia’s laws.